Love and Losing It

Love and Losing It
Love and Losing It is my second full album of original music. It blends folk, pop, post-punk and industrial. The album was written and recorded over the course of 9 years. The album chronicles the listener’s journey through the modern landscape of romance. It begins acoustically and ends electronically, as though some amount of humanity has been lost somewhere along the way.
Love and Losing It was mixed and mastered by Sean Tolley at Clarity Recordings. The album will be released with a series of behind-the-scenes images and corresponding music videos. The innovative music videos blend various visual styles and mediums. From authentic hand-drawn animation, a vector animated Bradley (complete with kitty backup singers,) to ai assisted rotoscoping (akin to the film a Scanner Darkly,) and even an authentic Bradley Muppet (that looks like it is straight out of Jim Henson’s Muppet Workshop,) the album Love and Losing is something that I am very proud of and I hope you enjoy it.
Thank you,
Bradley Keen

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